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  • Personal care silicone oil IOTA 29161
    Product name: Cyclopentasiloxane & Dimethicone
    Smooth, reduce the friction.
    The appropriate volatile, don't clog pores Hydrophobic
    Provide better luster and texture
    Smooth, dry and silky feel.
    Moisturize hair, improve hair gloss.
    Strengthen the durability of the other active ingredients to the skin.
    This product is a polysiloxane with annular polysiloxane mixture, colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, has the very high affinity to hair and skin, can form a complete and uniform silicone protective film.This product has a moderate amount of volatile, add to the formula can be made into soft, smooth and soft feel products, is an ideal material to manufacture hair care products and cream.
    Technical data:
    Appearance (visual) : colorless transparent liquid
    Viscosity (CST, 25 ℃) : 3500-5000
    Specific gravity: 0.945 to 0.965
    Refractive index: 1.3950 to 1.4050
    Hair conditioner, Hair dressing gel, suncream, skin-protection and hair glue, etc.
    How to use?
    This product has a certain volatile, in the process of processing, advisable preparation temperature is less than 50 ℃; add the product when the temperature reaches 50 ℃ after melting in the formula, and stir evenly, add other components then.
    This product has good compatibility with oil soluble cosmetic raw materials such as fats and oils, flavors and fragrances, pigments, usable cyclic polysiloxanes dilution to reduce viscosity and convenient use. Can dilute with cyclic polysiloxanes and reduce the viscosity for convenient usage.
    Recommended dosage:
    In the hair care products recommended to add the amount of 3-8%, in the hair tail oil products recommended to add the amount of 40-50%.
    Packaging specifications:
    This product can be packed in 50Kg plastic barrel or drum 200Kg.
    Storage and transportation:
    This product is a non-dangerous goods, storage and transportation process should pay attention to moisture, to prevent impurities mixed with acid, alkali, etc. This product can store for two years in a sealed room with room temperature.

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