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  • Acrylic modified silicone resin IOTA 6046

    Acrylic modified silicone resin IOTA 6046

    Description and application

    IOTA 6046 has excellent high temperature performance and water repellent and moisture resistant performance and good electrical insulation properties. Its weather resistance and chemical stability is also very good.

    This product can be dry in room temperature, It’ll have high hardness, good gloss and color after complete curing (more than 1H).

    IOTA 6046 can widely used in high temperature paint and weather resistant coating in 250~500 ℃.

    Technical Index

    Appearance: light yellow to colorless transparent liquid, allows light milk light, no mechanical impurities

    Solid content:50±1%

    Film Hardness:≥1H
    Viscosity:70~150 seconds(No 4 cup)

    Acid value:<5mg KOH/g

    Curing method

    The product can be dry in room temperature, This product uses the high temperature curing, 200℃ for 40 min; 250℃ for 20 min; 250℃ for 20 min. Addition of amino resin can shorten the curing time.


    The diluted solvent used for this product shall not contain water, pyridine and impurities containing sulfur compounds, otherwise it will affect the adhesion, dry and other properties of the resin paint film.

    This product is used in the process of processing equipment, containers must be clean. To prevent dust and foreign bodies and mixed with water.

    This product in the processing process, there will be a large number of xylene and other flammable and explosive, toxic solvents volatile out, should pay attention to strengthen the field of ventilation, pay attention to fire, strictly avoid the fire source. Operator should pay attention to labor protection.

    Acid, alkali, salt of organic acid and amine compounds have accelerated curing effect on this product, and affects heat resistance and electric properties. Therefore, this product should be kept in strict isolation from these substances.


    200KGS Iron Bucket.


    The product storage period is tentatively scheduled for half a year. This product should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place, prevent sun direct radiation; prevent the serious pollution of acid, alkali and should be cut off from the source of the fire and away from the heat source.

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