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  • Block amino silicone oils

    Product Name:  Block amino silicone oil

    Product composition: more amino reactive group -modified silicone polymers 

    Technical Specifications:

    Appearance: Light yellow transparent oily liquid

    Ionic: weak cation

    Active substance content (wt.): 98 ± 1%

    Viscosity (2, mPa.s): 500 ~ 1000

    Specific Gravity (25 , g / mL): 1.025 ~ 1.035

    pH value (25 ): 7.0 ± 0.5

    Refractive index: 1.4100 ~ 1.4200

    Solubility: soluble in water , methanol , isopropanol , acetone , xylene, etc.

    Performance characteristics:

    1, Soluble in water, aqueous solution is extremely stable, good compatibility, can be cationic , nonionic , anionic additive complex partial use ;

    2, Giving the fabric soft, smooth, plump and wrinkle -resistant properties;

    3, Gives a good hydrophilic synthetic fabrics, moisture absorption, air permeability and anti-static, and anti-fouling, washable and anti- redeposition characteristics;

    4, Has good resistance to acid-base properties, no floating oil, such as the use of sticky rolls;

    5, With anti-yellowing, especially for high-end light-colored fabric finishing;

    6, The product is green environment-friendly additives, APEO-free and other restricted substances, non-corrosive, no heavy metals and poisonous irritating gases.


    1, after for a variety of natural fibers and synthetic imitation silk , wool , linen and other fabrics hydrophilic soft finish , especially for finishing polyester imitation silk imitation silk and other fabrics;

    2, Block amino silicone oil can be used for synthetic oil, wool and hair oil, dyeing and printing paint additives.

    Recommended process:

    Preparation of a 20% aqueous solution,

    The product is 100kg, water (deionized water or tap water) 399.5 ~ 399kg, glacial acetic acid : 0.5 ~ 1kg

    The product is put into a stainless steel vessel, was added slowly with stirring 10% aqueous acetic acid, then adding the remaining water until completely dissolved to obtain a colorless or pale blue transparent microemulsion.

    2, In an amount of 0.3 to 0.6% of the finish bath, MgCl2 can be added as catalyst in an amount of 0.5 to finish bath 1% , if a catalyst is appropriate to extend the curing time required .

    Packaging and storage:

    1, 50 kg or polyethylene plastic drum or 200kg 120kg iron drum;

    2, cool place (indoor), sealed, storage period of 6 months;

    3, the product is non- dangerous goods, according to non- dangerous goods by land, water and air transport.

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