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  • Food grade silicone papers

    Food-grade silicone paper


    It can improve the health and food hygiene. Baking paper is subject to silicone oil treatment on one or both sides, so it is anti-oil, waterproof, anti-sticking and resistant to high temperatures. Because of these features, it is suitable for baking, roasting, steaming and frozen foods and is necessary to use in the kitchen.

    Name: FDA & BFR certified oil release paper, food packaging paper

    Weight: 40GSM, can be customized for other weight


    Food-grade silicone paper is the only one that coated with food-grade silicone products with 99.9% raw wood pulp paper in China. It has good heat temperature resistance, oil proof, waterproof and anti-sticking effect. Meet the food-grade paper standard. It can work in 230 heat 30 minutes to ensure that the taste and appearance of food.

    Certification: FDA, ISO: 9001, BFR

    Color: White


    Baking, roasting, steaming and frozen food, cake trays, baking cakes; candy wrappers, sticking food packaging

    How to use?

    Ideal food release paper for baking food in the home or outdoors

    Application: Baking paper is widly used in conventional oven or microwave for bakery, cooking, packing, baking tray, muffin liner, cake cups, which is food contact directly


    jumbo rolls and kraft paper packaging, small package can be customized; sheets packed by kraft paper or box

    Size: Jumbo reel : General is 1600 mm,

    MOQ : 5 tons

    Delivery: 25 days

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