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  • Hexamethyldisilane IOTA-5002

    English name: Hexamethyldisilane

    English synonyms: HMD; CH7280; (CH3)6Si2; DISILANE M6; Permethyldisilane; HEXAMETHYLDISILANE; hexamethyl-disilan; Hecamethyldisilane; disilane, hexamethyl-; Six Methyl two silane

    CB Number:  CB4476113

    Molecular formula: C6H18Si2

    molecular weight: 146.38

    CAS No.1450-14-2

    Technical Data

    Character:Colorless transparent liquid, volatile, slightly pleasant fruit flavor

    Melting point: 9-12 °C

    Boiling: 112-114 °C
    Density: 0.715 g/mL at 25 °C
    Refractive index(20℃): 1.422
    Flash point:  29 °F

    Application: Hexamethyldisilane [(CH3) 3SiSi (CH3) 3], abbreviation HMDS, used primarily for the preparation of trimethylsilyl anion, trimethylsilyl iodide and trimethylsilyl alkali metal salts and pharmaceutical intermediates A protecting agent for groups in bulk synthesis.

    In addition, due to the rich Si, C elements, in the optoelectronic industry and ceramic industry also has certain applications, silane protection agent, polysilane chain stop agent. 

    Packing: Iron plastic barrel sealed, net weight 150 kg. 

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