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  • Solventless methyl silicone resin release agent IOTA RES 9515
    Solventless methyl silicone resin release agent IOTA RES 9515


    IOTA RES 9515 is a solventless methyl silicone resin which has been specially designed for mould release of

    1.Cast polyurethane elastomers as well as soft and rigid PU foams. The following examples can be mentioned: Dashboards, shoe soles, upholstery, thermal insulation and sound proofing materials.

    2. Melamine, phenolic, polyester and epoxy resins.

    3. Rubbers.

    Examples of applications of IOTA RES 9515 is used:

    1. As mould release agent on metal moulds.

    2. As protective agent on moulds and membranes made of RTV silicone rubber.


    In these demoulding applications, IOTA RES 9515 offers the following advantages:

    1. Odour free (solvent free).

    2. Very easy to use.

    3. Proven efficiency.

    4. Excellent adherence to the mould surface.

    5. The moulded articles have an excellent surface finish.

    6. Excellent thermal stability.

    7. Reduces mould fouling.

    8. Easy cleaning.

    Characteristics :

    1. Appearanceclear to slightly cloudy liquid

    2. Colourcolourless to straw yellow

    3. Active ingredients, %, approx99.9

    4. Solventnone

    5. Flash point (closed cup), °C, approx180

    6. Specific gravity at 25 °C, approx1.00

    7. Viscosity at 25 °C, mm2/s, approx180

    8. DiluentsAromatic, aliphatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, white spirit, aliphatic esters, isopropyl alcohol and Hexamethyldisiloxane


    Mould release agent

    The mould should be perfectly clean, grease-free, dry and if possible pre-heated to atemperature above 50 °C.

    IOTA RES 9515 is diluted in a solvent or mixture of solvents and applied with a

    brush, pad or spray gun.

    The frequency of application depends on the complexity of the mould and the

    aggressiveness of the moulding material.

    In general, reapplication is necessary every two to ten moulding operations.

    For simple moulds

    a dilution of 3 to 5 % of IOTA RES 9515 in the chosen solvent

    is convenient.

    The best solvent is methylene chloride.

    If the user does not want to use chlorinated solvents we recommend the use of

    IOTA FLD 41 V 0,65.

    But Hexane, Ethoxypropylacetate, Isobutylisobutyrate (IBIB) or a mixture of 70/30

    IOTA FLD 41 V 0,65 / IBIB may also be used.

    For complex moulds
    a dilution of 1 % in the same solvents may be necessary.

    To slow down evaporation and prevent premature setting during spraying we

    recommend to (partially) use a solvent with a higher boiling point. Allow more time for drying before moulding.

    Protective agent:

    Certain rigid or semi-rigid PUR foam formulations may attack RTV moulds or membranes.

    In such cases, effective protection is provided by applying a layer of IOTA RES 9515.

    We recommend dilution to between 5 and 10 % in dichloromethane / isopropanol mixtures.

    Finishing treatment of moulded articles:

    If the moulded articles are to be glued, painted, varnished or printed subsequently it is essential to carefully degrease the surface to be treated. Prior testing is necessary.

    In the case of paints and varnishes, a « lack of adhesion » can often be prevented by adding between 0.1 and 0.5 % BLUESIL FLD 47 V 100 to V 350 to the paint or varnish. Here again, prior testing is essential.


    IOTA RES 9515 is supplied in 25 kg and 200 kg drums and in 1000 kg containers.

    Storage and shelf

    When stored in its original unopened packaging at a temperature of between – 20°C and + 50°C, IOTA RES 9515 may be stored for up to 12 months from its date of manufacture (expiry date). Comply with the storage instructions and expiry date marked on the packaging. Past this date IOTA Silicone OIL no longer guarantees that the product meets the sales specifications.

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