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  • CCK Release Paper

    CCK Release Paper

    CCK paper, also known as CCK release paper which is a new green high-grade release paper, the technical indicators of Iota have reached the level of imported paper, Iota become a leading manufacturer of CCK in China.

    CCK paper (CLAY COATED KRAFT PAPER) is very popular "green" paper in Europe and America, after a special recoating process on the paper surface, then coated and become a kind of paper with stiffness, smoothness and high tensile strength, high temperature, peel strength and stability, environmental protection and green, etc. It is a green high-grade silicone release paper.

    Product Features:

    Name: CCK paper, CCK silicone paper, high temperature Kraft paper, yellow color cow CCK, CCK release paper

    Paper color: white, yellow paper, brown Kraft;

    Weight: 60g, 70g, 80g, 90g, 100g, 120g

    Width: customized according to the users, the conventional width: 1650 mm;

    Coating: can be coated silicon solvent or solvent-free silicone, also single, double coated silicone, according to user needs;

    Packing: stretch film, Kraft paper packaging

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