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  • High elastic foam silicone strip IOTA-4801


    High-temperature resistant silicone foam pad, silicone foam strip, silicone sponge strip, foam silicone rubber is a new type of polymer elastic material. It has excellent resistance to high temperature and low temperature performance, good physical stability, but also to withstand repeated harsh and disinfection conditions, with excellent resilience and permanent deformation (200 ℃ 48 hours less than 50%), ozone resistance, uv resistance, radiation-resistant and so on. Special silicone rubber has the performance of oil-resistance.

    Product properties:

    1.It has excellent heat aging resistance, ozone resistance, insulation, and resistance to fuel oil and lubricants, in the temperature -60 ~ +280 ℃ under the conditions of air or oil media work.

    2.It has Strong sealing ability, can effectively prevent small particles and rain.

    3. Sealed, dust-proof, moisture-proof, airtight and shading, sound insulation, fire prevention

    4. It is possible to use the vibration isolation in the electronic equipment and the interior of the vehicle.

    5. It could be used to made all kinds of high requirements of the sealing gasket, base strip.

    6. In the case of moisture or temperature rise, the change is small, even if the short-circuit combustion of silicon dioxide is still an insulator, which ensures that electrical equipment to continue to work, so it is very suitable for the production of wires, cables, lead wires.


    Performance parameter:

    1.It has three anti-function and water-based, anti-ultraviolet function, can be long-term used in the outdoors.

    2. Insulation grade: H grade

    3. Relative density: 0.20 ~ 0.85 ± 0.05g / cm³

    4. Physical properties Color: gray red black white brown orange

    5. Flame retardancy and flame retardant: UL94V-0 and HF-1 grades

    6. Flame Diffusion Index (Ls) ASTM E162 <25

    7. Smoke Density (Ds) ASTM E662, <50 at 4.0 min, <20 at 1.5 min

    8. Toxic Gas Emissions Rating SMP-800CPASS



    1.As the silicone rubber has many excellent properties, it can solve many equipment needs of the national defense industry and civilian industry.

    2. Radio, electrical, telecommunications industry: TV sets and oscilloscopes in high voltage caps. Potentiometer sealing ring and insulating sleeve. Thyristor tube shell. Seal the electric head. Insulation of the stator coil of a motor. Sealing ring contacting with the gas. Insulating sleeve. Switch protective cover, computer, phone surface conductive rubber sheet, Keyboard switches, varistor and so on.

    3. Applications in instruments, instrumentation industry: All kinds of regulators in the sensitive components of the diaphragm, the instrument with heating film, anti-acupuncture plate (high-tear silicone rubber). Indicator color lamp cover. Drying oven. Electric furnace. Far infrared heater door seals, insertion strip. Sponge Door Seal (replace toxic asbestos seal). Boiler sealing. Refrigeration equipment seals and hoses. Instrument shock absorber. Various silicone rubber lead wire (for capacitance glowers, coils. Transformer. Transformer. For lead wire). Refrigerator defrost line. Heating lines and so on.

    4. Aviation industry applications: fuel lubricants. Pump seals for hydraulic oil systems. Oil seal. All kinds of flame-retardant silicone rubber pieces. Oxygen supply system seals. Diaphragm. Valves and so on.

    5. Medical undertakings: a variety of catheters, drainage tube. Silicone rubber bionic products.

    6.Fax machines, high-temperature parts within the printer, the body of the automotive machinery, kitchen appliances, home appliances and other equipment for thermal transfer pyrograph printing equipment.


    Color Besides red, gray, true color, white and black, other colors can also be customized.


    Specifications: Can be customized according to customer's request. 

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