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  • Hydrogen silicone emulsion IOTA 2021

    Hydrogen silicone emulsion IOTA 2021


    Hydrogen silicone emulsion is a kind of high performance emulsion that emulsified by hydrogen silicone oil, Accord with European and American standards of environmental protection. It passes SGS certification,Non-toxic and no stimulating smell. It will generate thermal stable thin film between mold and product to make the surface smooth, non-corroding to mould, immiscible to PU, easy to release, In the meantime it can keep good lubrication condition between the metal and nonmetal, Lower mould maintenance costs. Because of the extremely high stability, it can be added with arbitrary amount of water, it will not be water or oil hierarchical, it also can be used in harsh temperatures(-70~300℃).

    Character and Specification

    1.Appearance:Milky white liquid(Or milky blue liquid)

    2.Main content:hydrogen silicone oil and Special interface active agent

    3.Active content:30±2%

    4. Ionicity:non-ionic

    5.PH value:6.5~7.0

    6. Solubleness:Easily soluble in cold water

    7. Proportion: 0.985g/cm3

    8. Centrifugal stability:3000r/min,15nun


    1. Easy dilution, easy to use, Still stable when the mold temperature is high.

    2. Long shelf life, sealed and stored at room temperature for up to 1 years.

    Product application

    1. Silicone oil emulsion for the use of leather, paper, glass, ceramics, metals, cement, marble and other pollution prevention, moisture, water treatment.

    2. Catalyzed with metal salt and crosslinking into a film, and have mixing effect with hydroxy silicone oil emulsion, improve the waterproof and softness, it also can be used for leather, paper and glass, ceramics, metal, cement, marble and other building materials for waterproof moisture-proof.

    3. Hydrogen silicone oil emulsion has film-forming and heat resistance property, can form thin film on the surface of the mold, does not produce chemical reaction with all contact materials, no corrosion to mould, and has the advantages of less coating, demoulding performance stability.


    1. According to the need of the concentration diluted with water, and then directly used to brush or spray gun / rag can be evenly coated.

    2. Maximum dilution 200 times.

    6Packaging and storage

    1. This product packaging specifications for 50kg/ barrels or 200K/ barrels or according to customer’s requirement.

    2. This product should be stored and transported by non hazardous materials, should be stored in a cool, ventilated and cool place, avoid strong sunlight exposure and acid and alkali contact.

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