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  • Dimethylchlorosilane



    Product Name: Dimethylchlorosilane

    Alias: IOTA-M2

    Molecular formula: (CH3) 2SiCl2

    Molecular weight: 129.1

    CAS No.: 75-78-5

    Product standard:  GB/T 23953-2009

    Physical and chemical properties:

    Flash point: < -9 C (closed cup)

    Relative density (water=1): 1.07

    The explosion limit{%(V/V)}:1.4

    Melting point: -76℃ 

    Relative vapor density (air =1): 4.4

    The explosion limit {(V/V)}% 9.5

    Boiling point: 71℃

    Vapor pressure: 14.5kPa (20)

    Water solubility: water reaction

    Spontaneous combustion temperature: 380℃

    PH: the case of water reaction to generate HCL


    Technical index:

    1. Appearance: colorless transparent liquid

    2. Dimethyl dichlorosilance (%): ≥99.50

    3. Methyl trichlorosilane (%):  ≤0.10


    Performance and application:

    Dimethylchlorosilane is a colorless, transparent liquid, flammable, explosive, is the basic raw material of silicone products, with the production of silicone intermediates (DMC, D4), silicone oil, silicone rubber and silicone resin, can also be used for the manufacture of heat resistant high strength of carbon fiber.


    Packaging and storage:

    Packed in plastic drum, net weight 200kg / barrel, or international standard container packaging; Dimethylchlorosilane should be stored in cool, dry and ventilated place, pay attention to waterproof, fireproof, heatproof. Sealed storage, do not mixed with oxidant, acid, alkali. According to the transport of dangerous goods, avoid the sun and rain. Light carry and light discharge, to prevent damage to packaging and containers.



    Stable in specified container and conditions (closed containers)..


    Prohibited content:

    Strong oxidizer, alcohol, ammonia, caustic alkali, When there is water, corrosion to many metals. (Generate hydrogen chloride in the reaction with water. Could cause fire and explosion under violent reaction with alcohol and amine)


    To avoid contact with the conditions:

    Non compatible material, a variety of heat and fire, electrostatic discharge, wet air and water


    Decomposition products:

    When heating, it will decompose and generate hydrogen chloride, phosgene and chlorine compounds which is toxic and corrosive smoke. Strongly reacts to water and produce hydrogen chloride.


    Aggregate hazard:


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