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  • High performance lubricant release agent

    High performance lubricant release agent (Release agent, Parting agent, PAA)


    Mainly used for PVC, EVA, LDPE, PP, polystyrene and other plastics lubricating and release agents, the performance is far beyond the hard fatty acid products with excellent external lubricating effect and release properties; can be used as the polyolefin film antiblocking agent; can be used as synthetic rubber or natural rubber internal mold release agents, lubricants and brightener, is ideal ink dispersants, anti-blocking agent and slip agent.

    Physical and chemical properties:

    Content: 97% or more

    Appearance: white cream

    Melting Point: 50-60 ° C

    Ingredients: stearic acid, modified silicone resins, hard fatty acid-modified silane

    Additives in plastics processing:

    1) Excellent release agent for plastics processing aids, suitable for almost all thermosetting and thermoplastic. Release agent lubrication, blocking resistance and excellent antistatic properties, and can significantly improve the dispersibility of the filler or plastic, therefore, widely used as lubricants, mold release agents, slip agent. Added to the product in plastic processing, can improve the fluidity of the resin dissolved, improve efficiency to make up for lack of smoothness of the mold, so that products are shiny, bright color uniformity.

    2) Release agent can be used as a variety of polymer film or sheet of anti-adhesive, 0.5% added to the product , not only can prevent air bubbles (fish eye) occurs, and allows easy and smooth plastic mouth open.

    3) Release agent as a lubricant, excellent internal and external lubrication, and other lubricants such as higher alcohols, fatty acid esters and paraffin hard calcium combined with good synergy. In ABS, AS, rigid PVC, polyoxymethylene, polycarbonate, and polyurethane processing, Can be used as a lubricating release agent with 0.5-1.0%.

    4) Inorganic filler in PVC and polyolefin formulation, the release agent can significantly increase the material and heat the weathering properties of the polymer with the primary stabilizer.

    5) Release agent is acceptable as a transparent nucleating agent: it can be shortened its nucleation for Compound of polyolefin, polyoxymethylene polyamide, , promote the thinning of resin structure, thereby improving the mechanical properties and transparency of the article.

    6) Release agent can also be used as in rubber processing chemicals, lubricating mold release, Tim material surface brightener. It can be improved particles mentioned kneaded, processed and cured properties in fluorine rubber processing.

    7) Release agent is added in the production of coatings, it can improve pigments, fillers uniform dispersion, improve drying paint surface leveling coat of paint peeling prevent and improve water and acid resistance. It can also play the role of extinction in the lacquer.

    8) In the chemical fiber industry, the release agent can be improved polyester, polyamide fiber heat resistance, weather resistance, antistatic properties. As additives in the antistatic nylon fiber spinning it can reduce yarn breakage.

    Usage and dosage:

    This product is a thick white paste, can be completely dissolved at 60 ° C, it is the improved product of ethylene bis-stearamide, stearic acid amide and lubricant release agent of a variety of new product, can also be used as an additive to off mold agent.

    Release agent is melted in the pre-treatment or cleaning of the mold, spray or brush on the mold surface(for multiple spraying or brushing to a uniform release agent) at normal processing temperatures to ensure release effect and smoothing surface, then pour into the raw material.


    This product is non-ionic systems can be used with non-ionic, cationic systems compatible. Such as accidentally splashed into eyes, immediately rinse with water.


    1. The product is packaged in 50KG plastic drum.

    2. Should be stored in a cool dry ventilated place, stored at room temperature.
    3. Non-dangerous goods storage and transportation.

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