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  • Silicone waterproof coating IOTA-301

    IOTA-301 silicone waterproofing coating is an environmentally friendly water-based waterproof coating, the main base material of is silicone rubber latex and nano-composite emulsion, then mixed with inorganic filler and various additives.


    It is a water-based single-component waterproof coating; the waterproof layer has good cracking and impermeability performance, good waterproof effect, long service life, excellent elongation and tensile strength. The single-component, water emulsion can make color coating.


    Product advantages:

    The whole film is good, permeability is good;

    Excellent elongation, tensile strength;

    Environment Friendly, non-toxic and tasteless;

    Has low requirement of the basement layer, could do cold process construction.



    The bottom surface, old and new roof wall, old and new basement, bathroom, bath, parking platform, pool, air defense projects impermeable to moisture, shaped structure, complex parts and other decorative waterproof (mildew) corrosion.


    Construction method:

    1. Primary treatment: primary surface should be smooth, uneven is not allowed.

    2. Joint Treatment: If there is more than 3mm crack roofing, sealing material should be filled, and then apply a scratch coating.

    3. Scraping coating: construction can roll, scraping, painting and brushing. We always scrape 3-4 times, every scraping amount is 0.8-1.0 kg / square meter, it is for your reference.

    4. The total thickness of the film is 1.5mm above, each coating interval of 2-12h, depending 

    on weather conditions. Intermediate coating layer can be added 1-2 fiberglass cloth or other matrix materials.



    20kg50kg/plastic drum. 

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