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  • Vinyltris methoxyethoxysilane IOTA 172
    Vinyltris(β-methoxyethoxy)silane IOTA 172

    Chemical name: Vinyltris(β-methoxyethoxy)silane

    English Name: Vinyltris (beta -methoxyethoxy) silane

    CAS NO: 1067-53-4

    Structural formula: CH2=CHSiOCH2CH2OCH33

    Molecular formula: C11H24O6Si

    Physicochemical properties:

    Boiling point: 285/760mmHg

    Specific gravity 25):1.04±0.02g/ml

    Solid content: ≥99.00%

    The refractive index 20):1.427±0.02

    Features and applications:

    IOTA 172 is a kind of coupling agent containing vinyl functional groups. As the coupling agent, IOTA172 can reduce the sensitivity of the mechanical and electrical performance in wet or high temperature circumstance.

    1, Used as tackifier of many mineral filled polymers, can improve the mechanical properties and electrical properties.

    2, Make the filling hydrophobic, improve the compatibility of the filler and polymer, makes dispersity better, decreases melt viscosity.

    3, Improve the adhesion among the surfaces of inorganic material, and can also be cross-linked with each other.

    4, Improve the dispersion of fillers, improve the mechanical properties and mechanical strength, etc.


    Dark indoor storage, maintain ventilation, cool, dry. The container should be sealed in order to avoid the moisture after opening the container.

    Plastic barrel, net weight 25kg/200kg.

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