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  • Non-foaming defoaming wetting agent IOTA 4100

    IOTA-4100 non-foaming defoaming wetting agent



    This product is a specially modified polysiloxane copolymer. It is a substrate wetting and anti-cratering additive, which can not only wet the substrate, but also prevent cratering, and can also promote flow and defoaming properties. Its unique non-foaming and super-wetting properties can be applied to spraying processes or high-speed rolling processes or difficult-to-wet surfaces/substrates. Suitable for water-based polyurethane, water-based acrylate, and water-based epoxy systems. A very comprehensive product.


    Chemical composition: acetylenic alcohol modified organic silicone dual-structure surfactant


    Physical index:

    Appearance: light yellow transparent liquid

    Active matter content: 100%

    Refractive index (25℃): 1.440-1.450

    Viscosity (25℃): 20-60cp

    Surface tension (0.1%): <23mN/m



    Silicone surfactants for water-based systems, which strongly reduce surface tension, resulting in excellent substrate wetting and leveling. Suggest dosage amount: 0.1-1.0%



    Improve the wettability and anti-crater of water-based coatings for difficult-to-coat substrates

    Improve substrate wettability of printing ink

    Used for wetting synthetic leather release paper


    Packaging and storage requirements:

    25kg plastic drum, 200kg iron drum.

    Sealed storage, storage period of 24 months at room temperature.

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