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  • High efficient laundry detergent IOTA110

    IOTA110 high efficient laundry detergent

    Product description

    This product is a high-end product of laundry detergent market, the latest generation of functional laundry detergent, clean, soft, bright and all in one.


    Physical indicators:

    Appearance (25): transparent liquid

    PH value (1% aqueous solution): 6 - 8

    The cloud point (1% aqueous solution): 30 - 34℃

    Specific gravity (20℃): 1.056g/cm3

    Viscosity (20℃): 350cp

    Ionicity: nonionic

    Content: Above 20%


    Product features:

    The biggest difference between this product and other washing liquid in the market is: In addition to the normal clean functions of other products, the biggest feature is to bring more softness, more bright colors to clothes.


    Product application:

    1. The product has strong detergent decontamination performance, excellent wetting and penetration performance.

    2. Neutral, mild and harmless to hands

    3. Contain bright factor, Your clothes will be clean as new.

    4. This product contains special polymer materials, it will attached to the fabric surface the same time in the laundry, after drying, it will make your clothes feel soft and comfortable, Clean your clothes and protect them as well, keep their worth and make you comfortable.

    5. This product is especially suitable for luxury clothes washing, less dosage, better performance, spend less and wash more.


    Transportation and packaging:

    1. This product is non-toxic, non-dangerous goods. They can be transported like other ordinary products.

    2. 50kg, 120kg, 200kg bucket for package.

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