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  • 3-Glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane IOTA-560

    3-Glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane IOTA-560

    Chemical Name : 3-Glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane

    Molecular Formula: CH2OCHCH2O(CH2)3Si(OCH3)3

    Molecular structure:

    CAS NO.: 2530-83-8

    Typical Physical Properties:

    Physical Form

    Clear liquid

    Colour, Pt-Co

    Max 15

    Specific Gravity at 20°C

    1.065 – 1.075

    Refractive Index, nD 25°C

    1.426 –1.429

    Purity, %

    Min 97.0



    Silane IOTA-560 is soluble in water after hydrolysis, alcohol, acetone and most aliphatic esters at normal application levels under five percent. Hydrolysis releases methanol.



    1. As epoxy coupling agent, it is used in polysulfide-based and metal-filled epoxide resinous material.

    2. Improve the adhesion between inorganic stuffing, base material and resin, hence improve the mechanical strength, electric property of composite material and high retention in wet state.

    3. Improve the electrical properties of many composite materials, including inorganic-filled Nylon and PBT. It can be widely used in many fillers and substrates such as clay, talcum, tricalcium silicate, silica, quartz, and aluminum, copper, and iron. Including quartz-filled epoxy sealants, grail-filled epoxy resin, concrete patching material or coatings, toner of modeling kits, and improving the dispersivity, fluidity of adhesive.

    4. Avoid the need of independent primer in polysulfide and polyurethane sealant and sealing compounds.

    5. Improve the adhesion of double-component epoxy sealing agent, acrylic acid latex, sealing agent, polyamino ester, epoxy resin. It is used in organic and polyurethane adhesive and sealant, epoxy resin adhesives, filled or enhanced thermoset.

    Validity period and storage:

    Stored in cool and dry place, avoiding water, tinder, heat source and light, the validity period will be 6 months on such condition.


    1. 25KGS/Plastic Drum

    2. 200 KGS/Steel Drum

    3. 1000KGS/IBC

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