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  • Hydroxyl silicone oils

    Hydroxyl silicone oil


    Hydroxy silicone oil is made by polymerization of siloxane monomers, the molecular silicone materials have hydroxyl groups at both ends. The structural formula is as follows:

    HO-Si (CH3) 2 O [Si (CH3) 2 O] n Si(CH3)2-OH

    Chemical name is a, w- dihydroxy polydimethylsiloxane, it name 107 silicone rubber when the viscosity is above 2500mPa.S. In addition to the general performance of methyl silicone oil, it also has reactive hydroxyl groups, it can be made available some new material or crosslinked into elastomers (or membrane) .

    Colorless transparent liquid with excellent electrical insulating properties and resistance to high temperature, high flash point, low freezing point, long-term used -50 o C ~ +250 o C conditions, low the viscosity-temperature coefficient, high compression ratio, low surface tension, hydrophobic moisture resistance, chemical inertness, physiologically inertness.


    Appearance : colorless transparent liquid.

    Viscosity (25oC, mpa.s): 25~100000 (can be customized according to user requirements ).

    Hydroxyl content (%): 0.5 - 3 (related to the viscosity).


    Depending on the hydroxyl content and viscosity, respectively for different industries .

    1. the medium-high viscosity of the product can be used as a paper –based of anti- adhesive agent, the cured film has excellent anti-sticking effect, such as the label backing paper , asphalt wrapping, sealing tape base paper, decor paper end paper processing.

    2. in the electrical power industry as the main component insulating paint or a component of the insulator.

    3. Used as a condensation-type RTV silicone rubber based adhesive and diluted material, such as sealants and plastic mold base material.

    4. Alter dimethyl silicone oil, and easy to emulsify .

    5. Small molecule hydroxyl silicone oil (25 ~ 30CP, hydroxyl content of about 8%) is an excellent control agent of silicone rubber, it not only simplifies the process of silicone rubber to improve the processing performance ( reduce heat treatment ) but also increased the transparency of products, improved working conditions, when we use it to alter dihydroxy diphenyl silane .

    6. New development applications.


    Usually with the curing agent to achieve the crosslinking, it must be fixed by means of a coupling agent for the release paper, generally the curing agent is about 3 to 5% of gum base, the coupling agent is about 0.5 to 1 % of gum base.

    In most cases the solvent was diluted with 10 times the first gum base, then add the coupling agent and the curing agent after mixing uniformly coated on the substrate surface at room temperature or heat curing.  It need over 30 minutes at room temperature,  and 30 seconds for 120 ~ 150 o C. there is no need any solvents for sealants and molds for rubber, add the curing agent and stir ( one-component and two-component curing agent is used is not the same ) , after 30 to 120 minutes degassing it can be cured .


    Hydroxy silicone oil can not be mixed with high temperature water vapor, acid/alkali substances, alkoxysilanes, otherwise there is a tendency curing and viscosity changes.

    Packaging and Storage:

    1. The product should be stored in airtight plastic bucket clean not in contact with acid, alkali substances;

    2. Stored at room temperature and ventilated shade;

    3. According to the non –toxic and non-dangerous goods storage and transportation.

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