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  • Organic silicon industrial cleaning agent IOTA2018

    Organic silicon industrial cleaning agent IOTA2018


    Using silicone surfactant as main component, it has the super cleaning ability, remove oil, grease and wax on the surface of the metal parts quickly.

    No corrosion to the work piece.  It is non-toxic, harmless, volatile and biodegradable. It has no influence on the human body. There is a certain acid and alkali resistance, the use of safety.

    Key words

    Heavy oil cleaning agent

    Industrial cleaning agent

    Environmental protection industry cleaning agent

    Environmental cleaning agent

    Industrial oil removing agent

    Industrial detergent

    Organic silicon industrial cleaning agent

    Technical index:

    Appearance: colorless transparent liquid

    Odor: Micro solvent

    Density: 0.70~0.80 g/mL

    Active ingredients: 99.9%

    Performance characteristics:

    1. strong decontamination ability, it has a good cleaning capacity for different types of oil.

    2. suitable for all kinds of metal, plastic products, rubber products, etc. without any corrosion and damage

    3. Non-toxic harmless, safe and reliable, scientific and environmental protection

    4. Quick clean, easy to evaporate, no residue.

    5. Room temperature cleaning, no heating, no need to add other solvents


    1. Hand washing: mechanical equipment and parts surface, brush the solution evenly on the surface by hand, after 2 ~ 3min, wipe it by cloth. If the surface can't get clean, you can repeat it.

    2. Spray washing : mainly used for cleaning grease, iron mechanical parts process between. Directly pour the solution into the tank for cleaning.

    3. Ultrasonic cleaning: the solution directly into the tank, cleaning.


    All operations are at room temperature. No heating.

    Packaging and storage:

    25 liter plastic pail or 200 liter drum, stored in a cool and dry warehouse.

    According dangerous goods transportation

    Expiry: three years

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