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  • Acrylic modified silicone resin IOTA 6146A

    Acrylic modified silicone resin IOTA 6146A

    Product description:

    This product has excellent high and low temperature resistance and water repellency and moisture resistance.

    It also has excellent weather ability and chemical resistance. This product can be surface-dry at room temperature.

    After fully cured, it has high hardness (≥ 2H), high gloss, good fullness, and good gloss and color retention. Combined with a polyurethane curing agent (such as 3390), it can be fully cured and made into a polysiloxane topcoat.

    IOTA 6146A is widely used in high temperature resistant coatings and weather resistant coatings of 200 to 400 degrees.

    Technical index:

    Appearance: light yellow to colorless transparent liquid, allowing milky white light, no mechanical impurities

    Solid content: 50±1%

    Viscosity: 80~160 (Apply 4 cups)

    Acid value: : <7 mg KOH/g

    Curing method:

    This product can dry quickly at room temperature and has a certain hardness. 3390 with 15% of the total resin can be fully cured at room temperature. This product is completely cured by high temperature baking, 40 minutes at 200 °C; 20 minutes at 250 °C. Amino resin can shorten the curing time. Precautions: a. The dilution solvent used in this product must not contain water, sulfur-containing compound pyridine and its impurities, otherwise it will affect the adhesion, dryness and other properties of the resin paint film. b. During the processing of this product, a large amount of flammable, explosive and toxic solvents such as xylene will be volatilized. Attention should be paid to strengthening the ventilation on site, paying attention to fire prevention, and strictly cutting off the fire source.

    Operators should pay attention to labor protection. c. The equipment and utensils used in the processing of this product must be clean. Strictly prevent the mixing of dust, foreign matter and water. d. Acids, alkalis, organic acid salts and amine compounds can accelerate the curing of this product and affect the heat resistance and electrical properties. Therefore, this product should be strictly isolated from these substances during storage.


    The storage period of this product is tentatively set for half a year. This product should be stored in a ventilated, cool and dry place to prevent direct sunlight; prevent serious pollution by acid and lye, and should isolate the fire source and keep away from the heat source.


    This product is packed in 200KG iron drum.

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