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  • Silica


    Product name:         Silica(Fumed silica)

    Molecular formula :     SiO2

    Alias :                  Silica / aerosol

    CAS :                  7631-86-9

    Product standard:      GB/T 20020-2005


    physicochemical property:

    Melting point:          1710℃

    Saturated Vapor Pressure, torr: 32hPa(25℃)

    Density:        2.2g/cm³(20℃)


    Technical index:

    1, Appearance:               White powder

    2, Specific area:                 No

    3, 45um residue on sieve %:    ≤0.05

    4, PH Value   :                3.6-4.5

    5, Volatility(105℃)(%):      ≤3

    6, Cauterant (%):              ≤2.5

    7, Silica (%):                   ≥99.8

    8, Aluminium oxide(mg/Kg): ≤500

    9, Titanium dioxide (mg/Kg):   ≤300

    10, Ferric oxide(mg/Kg):    ≤30

    11, Carbon content (mg/Kg):  ≤ 0.2

    12, Chloride (%):               ≤0.025


    Performance and Application:

    This product is a white, non-toxic, tasteless, no odor, no pollution of non-metal oxide. Because of its small particle size, specific surface area, high surface activity, in the material showed excellent reinforcing, increasing viscosity, thixotropy, insulation, extinction, anti-flow hanging properties, so it is widely application in pesticides, rubber, plastics, coatings, adhesives, seals, etc. high molecular industrial fields.


    Packaging and storage:

    Paper bag, 10kg/ bag

    This product should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated place.

    Away from incompatible substances, such as an oxidant

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