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  • aminopropylmethyldimethoxysilane
    N-β-aminoethyl-γ-aminopropylmethyldimethoxysilane  IOTA 602

    English Name: N-β-aminoethyl-γ-aminopropylmethyldimethoxysilane

    CAS NO: 3069-29-2


    Molecular formula: C8H22N2O2Si

    Physicochemical properties

    Boiling point: 265/760mmHg

    Specific gravity 25):0.98±0.02g/ml

    Solid content: ≥95.0%

    Refraction rate25: 1.445±0.02

    Features and applications

    IOTA 602 is a kind of organic silane with active amine groups and hydrolysable inorganic methoxy silicon-based bifunctional group. It is a colorless or light yellow transparent liquid with special odor of ammonia. soluble in alcohol, hydrocarbon and aromatic hydrocarbon solvent.

    1 As additive for cooling solid phenolic resin and furan resin, improve its bending strength, extend its shelf life.

    2 As the raw material of amino functional siloxane syntheses.

    3 Cast resin: as an additive for cooling and solid phenolic resin and furan resin.

    4 Paint and coatings: as first coat or additive, improve the adhesion to the substrate.

    5 IOTA 602 can make more important performance for the end product.

    Stored in a dry, dark, ventilated, cool, dry place. The container should be sealed in order to avoid the moisture after using.

    plastic barrel, net weight 25kg/200kg.

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