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  • LED package silicone gel thickener IOTA204

    LED package silicone gel thickener IOTA204

    Product Usage:

    LED liquid silicone rubber for tackifier. Silicone tackifying for LED package, bonded the nylon (PPA) and the silver plated layer

    Product description:

    Colorless transparent liquid, suitable for addition to molding silicone rubber to improve the adhesive properties, easy to operate, strong bonding, high transparency, solvent, etc., mixed the goods, can increase the adhesion of silicone rubber properties and mechanical strength.

    How to use:

    1. Add this product to a one-component or two-component molding silicone rubber, uniform dispersion, then can be used normally.

    2 recommended dosage is 1.0% of total mass AB glue, the actual amount to be adjusted based on the actual test results, usually not more than 1.5% of the total amount of glue.

    Storage and Precaution:

    1. LED package silicone gel thickener is packed with glass bottle, 500g/bottle and must be stored at room temperature or cold storage.

    2. LED package silicone gel thickener does not contain solvents, but easy to be burn, subject to the rules of storage and transportation of flammable materials, attention to ventilation and prevent flame.

    3. Take the product, the cap should be kept tightly covered, in order to avoid affecting the quality of water vapor intrusion.

    4. LED package silicone gel thickener is effective storage period of three months, after passing inspection after shelf life, can continue to be used.

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