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  • Epoxy silicone oil emulsion IOTA-1051

    Epoxy silicone oil emulsion IOTA-1051


    High purity epoxy silicone monomer and cationic surfactant and emulsion polymerization by the reaction of macromolecular organic silicone materials, fine choice of material and applicable technique. Epoxy silicone oil emulsion has the following properties:

    1. Good soft, smooth, even hand feel. Fiber or fabric product which under treatment of this emulsion has good soft effect.

    2. Can improve the fabric stretch and shape recovery. Good whiteness, suitable for light colored fabrics, substantially increase wrinkle resistance, improve fabric sewability.

    3. Wash and dry cleaning tolerance. The fiber surface has a very good distribution. Enhance the tear strength of the fabric.

    Certain film performance, good water dispersion: it can be mixed with water to disperse in any ratio, convenient, no pollution.

    Technical index

    Appearance:Milky white to semi-transparent liquid, no mechanical impurities

    Ionicity: Cation

    PH value: 6.0~7.0

    Solid content: 30%±2%

    Stability: 3000n/min,15min No delamination.


    1. For glass fiber, cotton, hemp, silk, wool, synthetic fiber and its fabric finishing, after finishing the fabric, it will be soft, smooth, elastic, abrasion resistance and washing resistance, it can also enhance the heat resistance and water resistance.

    2. Used for wire industry various threads (especially high-speed sewing) processing to make them smooth, enhance the strength and toughness, anti-breaking, improve sewing speed.

    3. For the treatment of wigs and similar products, can make them soft, glossy, smooth, and improve their carding property.

    4. As an isolation agent for leather and other products of the surface, can protect the leather surface, anti-adhesive.

    Direction for use

    When used for softness or surface treatment, the content of the solution is 1% ~ 5%, and the other application is based on the reference.


    Epoxy silicone emulsion as cationic system, compatibility with other materials should pay attention to the compatibility, especially with the use of anion system compatibility, should prevent the demulsification.

    Packaging and storage:

    1. Should be stored in a clean, sealed container, to avoid mixing with other impurities.

    2. With 200 kg, 50 kg of plastic barrels packaging.

    3. Storage and transportation of non-dangerous goods.


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