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  • IOTA DJ310 Hollow glass hot melt butyl rubber

    IOTA DJ310 Hollow glass hot melt butyl rubber

    Main application

    For the hollow glass first seal, and the company's production of silicone sealant for supporting the use of a better effect.

    Product features

    1. This product is a kind of solvent free, no fog, no cure, with the first permanent plastic insulating glass sealant has;

    2. In a wide temperature range to maintain its plastic and sealing properties, and the surface is not cracking, the same hard;

    3. For glass, aluminum alloy, galvanized steel, stainless steel and other materials with good adhesion;

    4. Due to its extremely low water vapor rate, which together with flexible sealant to form a superior anti moisture system.



    Packing specification

    Carton packing: 7kg/ tube, diameter is 180mm. 

    Storage condition

    Stored at cool dry place at below 27℃. Shelf life is 24 months after manufacturing date.

    Transportation condition

    Transport according to non-dangerous goods.

    Using method

    Clean the surface of the substrate to be bonded to remove dirt, oil and other impurities;

    Coated with a special hot extruder, the construction temperature range of 100-150℃, the temperature of the environment at the time of construction is not less than 10℃. 

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