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  • Perhydropolysilazane IOTA-PHPS

    Perhydropolysilazane (PHPS) or Inorganic Polysilazane IOTA-PHPS

    Name: Hydrophilic Super Hard Stain Resistant Nano-Coating Materials

    English synonyms: PHPS

    Polysilazane Liquid Coating Materials


    The coating product is mainly composed of perhydropolysilazane IOTA PHPS,diluted and stored in a solvent.


    Good solubility

    Short curing time

    Curing a variety of ways

    Good adhesion on the metal ceramic polymer materials

    Can be converted to SiO2 at a lower temperature

    Technical Parameters:

    Appearance: colorless transparent liquid

    Solid content: 20%

    Solvent: butyl ether

    Liquid density: 1.16-1.31 g / ml

    Density after curing: 1.6-2.0 g / ml

    Curing mechanism:

    The curing of the coating material mainly is the Si-N bond hydrolysis, the mechanism is as follows:

    Curing conditions:

    Room temperature: more than 7 days

    Moisture curing: humidity 90%, temperature 150 ℃, 2h

    Coating properties:

    Composition: SiOx

    Coating thickness (nm): >100

    Hardness (GPa):             3 (ammonia curable)
    8-10 (high temperature curing)

    Elastic modulus (GPa):   60 (NH3.H2O curing)
    100-130 (high temperature curing)
    Pencil Hardness:                 9H(Chinese)
                                       6H (Mitsubishi)

    Transparency (visible light): > 90%

    Adhesion (grid method):   0 level

    Temperature resistance (air): 800 ℃

    Rust, alkali, salt water resistance

    Acid (10% hydrochloric acid): about a month.


    Building anti - graffiti

    Metal anti-corrosion


    Semiconductor insulating layer

    electronic circuit

    Plastic packaging waterproof gas barrier

    Metal high temperature oxidation resistance

    Surface hardening coating

    Product packaging:

    According to customer demand, 0.5-10 liters metal sealed drum, generally use xylene, dibutyl ether or dichloromethane for filling, solid content of 2-20%.

    How to use:

    First, clean the substrate surface, coating products using spin-coating, rubbing, spraying, dipping, etc. construction, and then by room temperature curing, high temperature curing, etc. curing.


    Proper cleaning is important. After using promptly use acetone or solvent oil to wipe the tool cleaning.

    IOTA PHPS cured, the solvent can not be washed away.


    Shelf life: 2years; after the application, it depend on the protective measures, sealed low temperature drying case, the applicable period of more than half a year.


    Should l be in a ventilated, dry environment, and the use of necessary protective measures, such as gloves, masks, goggles; shall not

    Do not place uncured IOTA PHPS near to fire, humid air, or water.

    After opening, seal it in a timely manner. If it is used in a humid environment, replace the container with nitrogen after using.

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