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  • IOTA 96061 Silicone Elastomer Powder

    Dimethicone/VinyldimethiconeCrosspolymer (and) Silica [INCI/CTFA]


    1.    Elastomeric silicone microspheric powder

    2.    Capable of absorbing polar and non-polar oils

    3.    Used as the thickening agent in W/O systemor oily systems


    1.    Excellent compatibility with oily cosmetics

    2.    Long lasting silky-powdery and smooth skin feel

    3.    Strengthen the long-lasting effect of other actives on the skin

    4.    Cover wrinkles


    The product is a soft white elastomeric silicone microspheric powder with excellent smooth skin feel, absorption of polar and non-polar grease (including sebum), easy to disperse in the oil phase, the microspheric powder can fill the skin wrinkles, achieve effect of “removing wrinkles”. It can be applied to color cosmetics, skin care, sun care and other personal care products which attain a long lasting and silky-powdery and smooth skin feel.

    Technical index

    Appearance: Soft white powder

    Density (g/cm3): 0.3~0.5

    Volatile content (%, w/w): ≤3.0



    Color cosmetics, skin-care, sun care and other personal care products, etc.

    How to use?

    No need to heat up to use, firstly use low viscosity silicone oil, Cyclomethicone or grease (isopropyl myristate) to disperse the ingredients. Then use a homogenizer to stir it till dispersing uniform. Stirring to disperse in the oil phase when preparing the emulsion. If the product is ensured to stir tillDispersing uniformly, it can also be added at the latest process.

    The recommended dosage is 1-20%.


    Packed in 20kg fiber can.

    Storage and Transport

    The product is a non-dangerous product, which can be transported as certain non-dangerous product. Avoiding exposure in sun and rain is required. Before the product running out, the container should be sealed up tightly after every time use.

    The shelf life is 24 months.


    This product is neither tested nor suggested in the medical and pharmaceutical applications.

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