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  • Self-drying Silicone Resin IOTA 6604


    IOTA 6070 is a liquid methyl silicone resin, toluene, xylene as solvent. This product has excellent performance such as high temperature resistance, electrical insulation, moisture-proof and waterproof. It is an ideal adhesive for the manufacture of high-temperature resistant hard mica board and glass fiber cloth laminate, and can also be used as a wear-resistant and polishing agent for marble and floor tiles. This product has more brittle and hard characteristics, high curing degree, and less volatile content during the curing process.

    Technical index

    Appearance: Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid

    Solid content(120℃,2h),%:50±1

    Gel time:(200℃,min):10-30


    Package and Storage

    1. 18/200kg drum.

    2. The storage conditions are recommended to be 5~36 °C, store sealed in a cool, dry environment, protected from direct sunlight, and never near heat sources.

    The shelf life is half a year (it can still be used if the overdue analysis is qualified).

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