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  • Thermal Grease IOTA 2013

    Thermal Grease IOTA 2013

    Appearance: White paste, no mechanical impurities


    Penetration: 25° C 1 / 10mm 290-350

    Volatile matter (200 ℃ / 24h): ≤0.005

    Oil off degree (200 ℃ / 24h):≤3.2

    Thermal conductivity (w / m • k): ≥1.0

    Volume resistivity (Ω • cm): ≥3 × 1015

    Permittivity (50Hz): 4.8-5.2

    Specific gravity ≥ 2.3

    Breakdown voltage (kvmm) ≥3.9

    Temperature range: -60 ℃~ -300 ℃


    This product has excellent heat transfer, good electrical insulation, has a wider use of temperature and good construction performance. There is not dry, not solidified, not melting, tasteless non-toxic, non-corrosive to the substrate and so on


    In electronics industry between the power amplifier tube and the heat sink contact surface, such as frequency converter, induction cooker, TV, DVD, CPU and power amplifier tube from the heat media role. In microwave communications, microwave transmission equipment and special power supply, power supply and other microwave devices, the surface coating and the overall potting, but also for transistors and semiconductor transistors heat insulation filling material to improve its yield.

    Instructions for use:

    The surface to be coated is clean and free of impurities and coated or filled directly with a scraper, brush, glass rod or syringe.

    Transport and storage:

    20KG drum stored in a cool dry place, non-dangerous goods
    Expiry is one year

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