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  • Methyl phenyl vinyl silicone resin IOTA208

    IOTA208 methyl phenyl vinyl silicone resin

    Product Description:

    Methyl phenyl vinyl resin is made by hydrolysis balance of composed of TEOS with hexamethyldisilazane ether, divinyl tetramethyldisiloxane silyl ether, phenyl silane. Mainly for the preparation of high refractive index transparent reinforced phenyl liquid silicone rubber, silicone pressure sensitive adhesive and a silicone screen printing ink. The molar mass is generally 100-8000g / mol, the ratio of the amount of the molecular structure of M and Q link chain, a phenyl group and M content of the structural determine the application properties of the resin.

    Technical Specifications:

    Appearance: colorless transparent liquid

    Resin content (%): 99.9

    Viscosity (mpa.s): 1000 ~ 20000

    Vinyl content (%): 0.5- 5.0

    Refractive index: 1.53

    How to use:

    Add it to the silicone oil for dilution, dispersed, can also be used directly.


    1. Surface treatment agent: silicone pressure sensitive adhesive, the phone keypad, epoxy-based adhesive surface.

    2. Reinforcement material: Used for RTV, HTV rubber, liquid silicone rubber, silicone rubber hot mix, no shell encapsulating semiconductor components.

    3. Adhesive: construction sealants, organic resin coating.

    4. Other additives: The dispenser of release agent, defoaming agent, anti-sticking agents and brighteners, addition type releasing agent peel force modifier.

    Product packaging:

    5kg plastic barrel

    Storage and transportation:

    1. Expiry: three years

    2. Sealed and according to non-dangerous goods transport.

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