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  • Low refractive LED Encapsulants
    Low refractive LED Encapsulants


    Low refractive LED Encapsulantst is a low refractive index component liquid silicone potting, sealing is mainly used for electronic components, and strengthen the integrity of electronic devices to improve the external shock and vibration resistance. Improved internal components, insulation between the lines, allowing the device to a small, lightweight, to avoid components, lines directly exposed to the environment, to improve the waterproof performance of the device. This product has a high transmittance, good weather resistance, heat resistance, good flow properties, and PPA, silver coating adhesion and high strength.


    High-power LED package (integrated)

    Chemical index:

    How to Use?

    1 Use the proportion: A:B=1: 1

    (2) The A, B material was mixed to no knots, no lumps, a uniform thin thick homogeneous state(generally requires 5-8 minutes), placed under vacuum deaeration, until no bubbles up (pumping Vacuum degassing process without heating).

    3. Degassing is completed, the plastic material poured into the filling plastic syringes. To further drive out the air rubber, plastic material can be installed on the vacuum syringe bubble row again.

    4 Glue, should first stand or pedestal preheated 150 / 1H above, to remove moisture inside the stand or base, in order to avoid air bubbles during curing.

    5 Curing conditions: Integration with (70-80 / 1H +150 / 3H)

    Note: You can adjust according to actual situation, but you must be thorough test compound. Packing A, B: 0.5Kg / bottle

    Storage conditions Store in a cool dry and ventilated enclosed place (storage temperature -5 ~ 25 , humidity 65%), waterproof, leak-proof, sunscreen, anti-high temperature, away from sources of ignition.

    Shelf life of six months.



    1.5A / B using stored process must ensure that no phosphorus (P), sulfur (S), nitrogen (N), the organic tin (Sn), water, polyurethane resin, catalyst poisons, so as to avoid curing obstruction and deterioration (eg: cleaning plastic cup of the solution, oven residual toxic ingredients, organic acids, etc.), as far as mixed good glue used within 8 hours.

    (2) If it is found at the bottom of a precipitate B agent turbidity, is a normal phenomenon, shake well before using.


    Be careful using this product before use and the use of safety precautions, please note. Furthermore, it should follow the relevant national or local government safety regulations.

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