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  • Amino silicone oil emulsions

    Amino silicone oil emulsion

    Amino silicone oil emulsion has strong adsorption for the polyester, polyester blended yarn, nylon, spandex fabric, and can tightly combine with active group of fibers. It will form a strong protective layer on the surface. It will have a durable soft, smooth, wear-resistant.


    Appearance: colorless or light blue transparent liquid

    Ionic: weak cation

    Solid content: 30 ± 2%

    PH value: 5.5 ~ 6.5


    1. Amino silicone oil emulsion can impart the fabric soft, smooth, fluffy texture and antistatic property and wrinkle recovery properties for polyester, nylon, spandex, polyester blended fabric. 

    2. Good compatibility, it can be derived from a variety of products with different organic finishing agent.

    3. Not easy to produce sticky roller, floating oil, emulsion, easy to use, padding or dip process can apply.

    4. Enduring washing and dry cleaning performance.


    Immersion method: 1-3% (O.W.F)

    Padding method: 10-20g/L

    Specific dosage according to the requirements of the handle feeling and fabric style


    Amino silicone oil emulsion will be surface crust or crosslinking when it expose outside a long time, it has a a tendency to change viscosity or crosslinked when it mixed with acid or alkali. It is unsuitable for processing white or light-colored fabric, the fabric is easy to change to yellow due to high temperatures.

    Before using, try to wash the residue in the fabric on the residual alkali, not to affect the finishing quality.

    Packaging storage and transportation:

    1. This product should be sealed in plastic lined with polyethylene plastic bucket or clean steel drum, to avoid any strong acid, alkali substances.

    2. Should be stored in a cool ventilated and dry place, room temperature 4 ~ 35 , Not be too high or too low.

    3. It is non-toxic and non-dangerous goods.

    4. Expiry: one year, more than a year, after re-inspection qualified can be used.

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