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  • Super soft hydrophilic block silicone oil for cotton IOTA J50A
    Super soft hydrophilic block silicone oil for cotton IOTA J50A

    IOTA J50A is a new super-soft hydrophilic block silicone emulsion, mainly used in cotton fabric, polyester fabric for soft and hydrophilic application with excellent soft, smooth feel and low yellowing characteristics.

    Physical indicators:
    1. Appearance: light yellow transparent liquid

    2. Solid content: about 50%

    3. Ion: weak cation

    4. Dilution agent: Water

    Application Performance and Features

    1. Good hydrophilic

    2. Excellent silky feeling

    3. low-yellowing, almost no effect on the shade

    4. Good compatibility performance

    5. Resistance to shear, acid and alkali resistance, electrolytes, super-stable, not sticky roller


    According to the customer request to adjust the IOTA J50A concentration and usage, the following process is calculated by 5% solid content

    Impregnation process:

    Dosage: 1-3% (OWF) IOTA N30 emulsion

    Temperature: room temperature

    Time: 10-20min, dehydration, drying.

    PPadding process:

    Dosage: 10-30g/L,

    Note: above process is only for reference, the specific formula and process according to the sample results

    IOTA J50A 120kg drum

    Storage and shelf life:

    Stored in original unopened containers at 2oC~ 30oC, the standard IOTA J50A valid is 6 months from the date of manufacture. Refer to the storage recommendations and expiry date on the package.

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