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  • aminopropylmethyldiethoxysilane IOTA 902
    γ-aminopropylmethyldiethoxysilane  IOTA 902

    Chemical name: gamma - aminopropylmethyldiethoxysilane

    CAS NO: 3179-76-8

    Structure type:

    Molecular formula: C8H21NO2Si

    Physical and chemical properties

    This product is a colorless and transparent liquid.

    Molecular weight: 191.34

    Boiling point: 85-88/1.07KPa

    Density ρ20g/cm³:0.9160±0.0050

    Refractive Index n25D):1.4270±0.0050

    Features and applications

    1. This product can increase the adhesive ability of the organic material to inorganic base material, it is a common tackifier. Apply to most of the organic and inorganic materials.

    2. Used as raw material of modified amino silicone oil and a variety of silicone softening finishing agent. After Amino functional group of coupling agent bonded to silicone skeleton, it could improve the orientation degree of silicone (molecular) on the fiber, increases the affinity to fiber, provide super softness, smoothness, pendant, antistatic, wash ability, anti-wrinkling effect etc to all sorts of fibre.

    3. For silane curing, Polysulfide sealants (glue), single, double component can be crosslinked (infiltrated) with silicone (polysulfide) sealant, thereby improving adhesion on base material (cement, copper, glass, etc.), and no bubbles, light color system.

    Packaging and storage

    1.Plastic barrel, net weight 5 kg, 25 kg or 200 kg, Reservation is needed if any special requirements.

    2.This product should be sealed in a cool ventilated place.

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