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  • pigment printing thickener

    IOTA 104 Reactive dyes printing thickener (pigment printing thickener)

    Technical indicators:

    Appearance: light yellow to pale white paste body

    Viscosity (25 ° C, mpas): 300-350

    Ionic: Anionic

    PH: 7.0-8.0

    Active ingredients: modified polyacrylic acid ammonium salt

    The molecular formula:







    1. Thickener mainly used for dyeing polyester, polyester cotton blended dyeing, printing dye

    2. The effect is good with a little dosage, no delamination, no pulp flow, no linked to pulp.

    3. The biggest characteristic of this product:  beating time is short, when the combination of dyes and dyeing polyester fiber, the permeability effect is very good, polyester dyeing is more uniform,  can be very good to prevent white bottom phenomenon.

    4. The new generation of printing dye thickener with good permeability and dispersion. It is easier to remove the paste than before. Polyester fiber is more easy to clean dry cleaning.  more uniformly dispersed into the water, not sticky wall.

    How to use?

    1. Can be used for flat screen printing and rotary screen printing, but also used on the modulation for original fabric and various patterns of pulp.

    2. Recommended dosage is about1%-3%

    Storage and Transport:

    1. 125KG packed in plastic drum

    2. Non dangerous goods storage and transportation

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