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  • Vacuum Diffusion Pump Oils IOTA702

    Vaccum Diffusion Pump Oil IOTA702 


    1. Mixed phenylmethyl-dimethyl cyclosiloxane

    2. 702 Super high vacuum diffusion pump oil

    3. 702 diffusion pump fluid

    4. Phenylmethylsiloxane Oligomers

    5. Oil for diffusion pump

    6. Silicone oil for diffusion pump

    7. Silicone diffusion pump oil

    Chemical structure:


    Vaccum Diffusion Pump Oil IOTA702 is a kind of general purpose oil designed for fast pumping of large volumes of gas. It is used to produce vacuums in the range of 10-5 to 10-7 torr. It possesses excellent heat stability, good resistance to oxidation and radiation. Its vapour pressure is very low under room temperature, and changes sharply with the variation of temperature

    Technical Index

    Chemical composition: Mixed phenylmethyl-dimethyl cyclosiloxane

    Ultimate Vacuum, torr(untrapped):10-6

    Saturated Vapor Pressure, torr: 1x10-6

    Specific Gravity: 1.08

    Viscosity (25°C), cSt: 40±3

    Flash Point °C: 300

    Refractive Index 25°C: 1.51-1.53

    Diffusion Pump Oil IOTA702 can be used in variety of applications, including:

    Electrical and electronics industry

     TV tubes, fluorescent tubes, cathode ray tubes

     ordinary bulbs


     rectifier metallised film vacuum system

    Optical industry

     surface improvements

     anti reflective coatings

     optical filters and mirrors

    Metallurgy industry

     high-vacuum furnaces

     melting, degassing and sintering refractory metals; thick-film deposition

    Plastics industry

     surface improvements

     mirror coatings

     protective coatings

     film coatings

    Other industries

    processing metals and fuels


    molecular plants

    R & D plants

    mass spectrometry


    Be used as transmission fluid in high-temperature carriers and various instruments.

    Package, Transportation & Storage

    1. Vaccum Diffusion Pump Oil IOTA702 is available in 1kg plastic bottles, 1gallon plastic drums, 5kg plastic drums, 25kg plastic drums, 25kg Iron drums or 200kg Iron drums.

    2.Transport as non-hazardous chemicals, keeping away from rain and sunlight.

    3.Shelf life: 2 years. 

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