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  • Vinyl silazane IOTA 51001

    Vinyl silazane  IOTA 51001

    Vinyl silazane is also called divinyl tetramethyl disilazane, a lively silane coupling agent, mainly used for fumed silica surface treatment in liquid silicone rubber.

    Chemical name: 1,1,3,3-tetramethyl-1,3-divinyl silazane
    Formula: C8H19NSi2

    Physical and chemical properties:

    Colorless, transparent liquid, non-toxic, can be dissolved in ethyl acetate, toluene, cyclohexane and most organic solvents.

    CAS no.:7691-02-3

    Molecular weight:185.42

    Divinyl tetramethyl disilazane content(%):≥96.0

    Divinyl tetramethyl siloxane content(%):≤4.0

    Density (25℃)g/cm3:0.819

    Refractive index (n020):1.437—1.439


    Boiling point:160℃—161℃

    Flash point:34℃
    Uses: Can be used for silicone rubber, colloidal silicone and vinyl silicone resin manufacturing.  Can be used as a synthetic intermediate in coating additives, polymer modifiers, pharmaceutical and agricultural chemicals. Used as a co-viscosity enhancers in negative photoresist.

    Packing: Plastic lined iron drum, N.W. 15kg/160kg

    1. During storage, they are not allowed contact with fire, should be ventilated, dry, prevent sun exposure, storage temperature -45--40.

    2. During transportation, should avoid collision, rain, sun; dangerous goods storage and transportation.

    Shelf life: 1 year


    1.Should wear labor clothes; avoid high temperature burn during process, not eat.

    2.Be careful using this product, pay attention to safety precautions before
    and in use.  Furthermore, it should follow the safety regulations of the country or local government regulations. (For more safety guidelines refer to the corresponding MSDS)

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