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  • Release agent IOTA 2206

    Release agent IOTA 2206


    IOTA 2206 is a solvent-free silicone-hydrogen reactive silicon capsule release agent, as a white water emulsion that can be used directly inside the green tire spray, or sprayed directly on the surface of the capsule, to provide superior lubrication and release times of performance. The product can effectively reduce the release agent to accumulate in parts of the tire rims.


    1. Tire capsule release agent;

    2. The capsule protective coating;

    3. The green tire inner surface release agent;


    1. IOTA 2206 is an aqueous emulsion, solvent-free. Easy to use, without any dilution. It can be painted or sprayed endogenous womb or sprayed directly on the surface of the capsule. Repeatedly release agent, the release times depend on the specific effect of spraying, curing time, temperature, and composition of the tire structure, the capsule design, composition and so on

    2. IOTA 2206 is a white emulsion can form a coating for multiple release the capsule surface, providing excellent lubricating properties, making capsule filling easy.

    3. IOTA 2206 to increase productivity, to improve the aesthetics of the tire, extend life and reduce the costs of the capsule.


    1. Appearance: milky white liquid homogeneous

    2. Solid content,%: about 11%

    3. Specific gravity 25: about 1.0

    4.PH value of: about 5.5

    5. Viscosity, mm2 / s: 300


    Before using the container cap 2206 is equipped with IOTA open communication with the outside atmosphere at least 30 minutes, so that the internal and external gases are exchanged. This can greatly reduce the potential risk of the use of the pump discharge device caused. IOTA 2206 when pumping is preferable to use a conductive material or rubber material polypropylene tubes. Never use uncoated metal pipe protection. Diaphragm most suitable pumping IOTA 2206, if you use other types of pumps, to ensure that the cavity pump is a non-metallic material.

    New Capsule Preconditioning:

    The new capsules should be clean and pollution-free, otherwise it will lead to crosslinked coating combined with the capsule and reduce adverse effects. Before installation of the capsule on the pressure plate is best to deal with once with IOTA 2206. IOTA 2206 will be a small amount of spray in the capsule surface. Note Make sure that all of the outer surface can be covered, but not excessive spraying, in order to avoid filling the capsule surface structure, causing the capsule exhaust performance degradation. Spraying should put good capsule hanging in clean, clean environment to dry naturally at room temperature. Spraying capsules were heated before use should. This can be achieved in the process of vulcanizing machine preheating. Then the capsule that is to be used.

    Spray / Brush green tire:

    IOTA 2206 can take advantage of automatic spraying machine or by hand with a spray gun in a green tire womb. To ensure the spray effect, the nozzle diameter should be 0.8 to 1.2 mm, with compressed air ejection. Airless spray can also be used, such as using 515 nozzles (0.38 mm).

    IOTA 2206 can also be applied with a sponge, taking care not coated overdose.

    With the evaporation of water, and a transparent coating on the inside left of the green tire.

    Treated green tire can be used immediately. But it is best not to store too long (> 48 hours), to prevent dust pollution.

    During the curing process, IOTA 2206 the portion of the coating will be transferred from the inner surface of the green tire inside the capsule to supplement capsule surface of the isolation layer.

    A) When starting from an untreated vulcanized capsule, the first two green tire before vulcanization process IOTA 2206 need to accumulate in the surface layer of the capsule release layer. Then every vulcanization 2-4 unpainted green tire vulcanizing a green tire sprayed (4 or 6 green tire handling 1). Spraying can also be formulated in accordance with the frequency of the specific production conditions.

    B) When a process starting from the capsule sulfide (recommended practice), before the vulcanization to the first or second green tire should be pre-sprayed. Then every 3-5 unpainted vulcanized green tire vulcanizing a green tire sprayed (4 or 6 green tire handling 1). Spraying can also be formulated in accordance with the frequency of the specific production conditions.

    Spraying / brushing capsule:

    IOTA 2206 can be painted with a spray gun or by hand directly on the vulcanizing machine using capsules preheat or heat curing press to cure the coating, after spraying the new capsule needs to warm up before use. This can be done during warm curing machine. Each green tire vulcanization 3-5, we need to add a fresh capsule surface IOTA 2206.


    IOTA 2206 opening emulsion 180kg plastic drum (with breathing valve), 950kg IBC packaging. In addition, the package also offers 20kg drums.

    Shelf life:

    At 0 ~ 30 conditions stored in the original sealed container, IOTA 2206 standard is valid for 9 months starting from the date of manufacture. Refer to the storage recommendations and expiry date on the package.

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