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  • Water based coating release agent IOTA MR5900

    Water based coating release agent IOTA MR5900

    Description :

    IOTA MR5900 is a water based coating designed for use in tire moulds.

    IOTA MR5900 is a ready to use, solvent free and transition metal free aqueous Emulsion. It does not release any hydrogen on storage or curing.

    IOTA MR5900 forms a clear, tough coating at typical tire molding temperatures. It builds a strong bond to the metal mould and shows an excellent durability of release and lubrication properties.


    1. Safe (solvent free, no hydrogen release, transition metal free).

    2. Ready to Use.

    3. Low Viscosity.

    4. Dries Clear.

    5. High durability.

    6. Economical.


    1. Appearance white emulsion

    2. Solids, %,approx11

    3. Viscosity, mPas<100

    4. pH, approx 10.5

    5. Specific gravity, approx1.0


    The mould surface must be clean and uncontaminated. Otherwise improper bonding of the coating will occur and its effectiveness will be reduced.

    Apply a thin layer of IOTA MR5900 to the mould surface. This is easiest to be done by spray application. For best results use an air assisted spray pistol with small nozzle diameters (0.3 – 0.8mm).

    IOTA MR5900 may also be applied by brushing or swabbing. Do not apply too much product as this would cause mould fouling. A thin film works best.

    IOTA MR5900 may be applied to the cold mould before installation in the press. The water will evaporate and leave a clear coating on the surface. The final curing will then take place during heating of the mould to cure temperature.

    Most often though IOTA MR5900 is applied directly to the hot mould surface once themould mounted in the press and at curing temperature.

    Water evaporation is quick and the product will then cure on the hot mould surface to a semipermanent clear coating. 5 min at 170°C are sufficient.

    Reapply only when needed to maintain the necessary release properties. Typically IOTA MR5900 needs to be reapplied only once per day depending on the conditions. When molding difficult tire tread designs, specifically in the case of passenger car winter tires having a high number of sipes and soft & sticky compounds, it may be necessary to apply twice per day or once per shift.

    Additional information:

    Dissolved metal ions from metal tubing, pump propellers etc, will catalyse the crosslinking reaction and will therefore favor product deterioration, but also release agent film deposit in the lines.

    This is why we recommend, for automatic spray systems, the use of equipment made of rubber or plastics. If using metal made equipment prefer PP, HDPE or PTFE coated materials or stainless steel grades.

    During storage we recommend to keep IOTA MR5900 in a cool part of the plant. Acool, dry and clean basement is ideal for storage.

    Packaging :

    IOTA MR5900 is available in plastic cans of 25 kg, in plastic drums of 200 kg and in 1000 kg containers.

    Storage and shelf life:

    When stored in its original packaging at a temperature of between 0°C and +35°C, IOTA MR5900 may be stored for up to 9 months from its date of manufacture (expiry date). Comply with the storage instructions and expiry date marked on the packaging.

    Past this date IOTA Silicone OIL no longer guarantees that the product meets the sales specifications.

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