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  • Epoxy polyether silicone oil

    The terminal epoxy polyether silicone oil is a double-active silicone epoxy resin intermediate having a polysiloxane segment with an epoxy group and a polyoxyethylene ether segment at both ends and a linear polysiloxane segment in the middle. Because it has an epoxy group, it can be cured with an amine-based curing agent, and is widely used as an additive for epoxy resin. It is also an important intermediate for the synthesis of block silicone oil by replacing the epoxy resin.

    Technical indicators and uses:

    Product Type

    Viscosity (cs)

    Epoxy Value (mmol/g)





    for the synthesis of fluffy, elastic block silicone oil




    for the synthesis of soft, smooth block silicone oil




    For the synthesis of ultra-smooth, soft block silicone oil

    4K-20K different molecular weight end epoxy polyether silicone oil can be customized according to customer's requirements.

    Features and advantages:

    1. The novel intermediate of silicone multi-copolymer block silicone oil can completely replace the current end-epoxy silicone oil for the synthesis of block silicone oil;

    2. The end epoxy polyether silicone oil introduces a hydrophilic polyether segment in the structure. In the subsequent block polymerization, it is not necessary to use the ED series polyether amine, and only the D series polyether amine and fat are used. Amines, alcoholamines and other low-cost organic amines can be used to synthesize block silicone oils, effectively reducing the raw material cost of block silicone oils;

    3. In the process of polymerization with organic amine, the amount of organic solvent can be greatly reduced. The amount of solvent can be reacted only by 5%-20% of the mass of epoxy polyether silicone oil, and the reaction is uniform and stable. The high content of block silicone oil greatly improves the application performance of the product on the one hand, and effectively reduces the emission of organic matter on the other hand;

    4, the end epoxy polyether silicone oil and organic amine have excellent compatibility, in a small amount of solvent or solvent-free conditions can be effectively carried out homogeneous reaction, the reaction is more complete and thorough, thus ensuring the quality of the finished product is more stable;

    5, using different molecular weight end epoxy polyether silicone oil can synthesize a variety of hand-style block silicone oil;

    6. The quaternized modified product is better in hydrophilicity and stability than the ordinary quaternary ammonium salt modified silicone oil;

    7. It can be applied to water-soluble epoxy resin systems to improve the flexibility and reduce internal stress of the resin.

    Packing: 120Kg or 200Kg plastic drum, sealed package.

    Storage: Store in a cool, ventilated place with a stable period of 6 months.

    Remarks: This product is not a flammable or explosive product.

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