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  • Cationic hydroxy silicone oil emulsion IOTA-2051

    Cationic hydroxy silicone oil emulsion   IOTA-2051


    Use high purity organic silicon monomer and formed by the reaction of the cationic surface active agent by emulsion polymerization and generate macromolecular organic silicon material. Fine material chosen and applicable technique, It can be used as fabric finishing agent, polyester line lubricant, rubber mold release agent. It has Heat resistant, waterproof, smooth, soft, comfortable, good elasticity, crease resistance and wear resistance properties. It has been more widely used in the manufacturing of thread, textile, printing and dyeing, leather, rubber and other industries.



    Appearance: Milky white liquid,no mechanical impurities

    PH Value:6.0~7.0

    Solid content: 20%±2%, 30%±3%

    Stability: 3000n/min,15min, No delamination。



    1. For cotton, hemp, silk, wool, synthetic fiber and its fabric finishing, after finishing the fabric, it will be soft, smooth, elastic, abrasion resistance and washing resistance, it can also enhance the heat resistance and water resistance.

    2. Used for wire industry various threads (especially high-speed sewing) processing to make them smooth, enhance the strength and toughness, anti-breaking, improve sewing speed.

    3. For the treatment of wigs and similar products, can make them soft, glossy, smooth, and improve their carding property.

    4. As an isolation agent for leather and other products of the surface, can protect the leather surface, anti-adhesive.

    5. Water-based releasing agent for rubber plastic products.

    Direction for use

    When used for surface treatment, the content of the solution is 1% ~ 5%, other application is based on the reference.


    Cannot mix Cationic and anionic emulsion, should pay attention to compatibility with other materials.

    Packaging and storage

    1. 50kg or 200kg polyethylene plastic barrel packaging.

    2. Place in the shade (indoor) storage, storage period of 12 months.

    3. This product is non-dangerous goods, and can be transported as non-dangerous goods.

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