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  • IOTA1021Cyclopentasiloxane IOTA 1022Dimethiconol

    IOTA 1021 Cyclopentasiloxane IOTA 1022  Dimethiconol

    Description :

    Chemical name: Cyclopentasiloxane (&) dimethiconol

    CAS NO:541-02-6 and 70131-67-8

    IOTA1021&1022 is a high viscosity dimethiconol dissovled in the Cyclopentasiloxane. High molecular weight polydimethicone alcohol mixture


    Hair care: anti-static and gloss effect, the hair has soft silky feel, help to improve dry and wet comb performance. Recommended dosage: 1-100%

    Skin care: make the skin smooth and dry touch, increase spreadability, improve skin elasticity, dosage 1-60%.

    Sunscreen products: to enhance the protection of the product's waterproof characteristics and durability, provide a breathable protective barrier, the recommended dosage of 1-15%.

    IOTA1022 is a solution of high viscosity of poly two methyl silicone in the ring five poly two methyl silicone.

    Easy to use high molecular weight poly dimethicone alcohol mixture


    Lotions: At or below 60 ℃ homogeneous system was added under high speed agitation.

    Non-latex products: Directly into the oil phase


    = 10% of IOTA 1021, IOTA 1022 and 90% of the test material

    S = dissolved completely or partially dissolve


    IOTA 1021, IOTA 1022

    -200L Iron drum, net weight 190kg

    Special packaging: -950kg, IBC packaging

    Storage and shelf life

    The most appropriate storage conditions that will be stored in their environment above its freezing point, if IOTA1021, IOTA1022 solidification, in any case it can not use an open flame to melt. Stored in original sealed container, IOTA1021, IOTA1022 standard is valid for 2 years starting from the date of manufacture (expiry date) at a temperature below 25 ℃ condition. Refer to the storage recommendations and expiry date on the package. Beyond this date, the IOTA will no longer guarantee the products meet sales targets.

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