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  • Methyl hydrogen cross-linking agent IOTA-AF

    Methyl hydrogen cross-linking agent  IOTA-AF


    Methyl silicone oil prone to cross-linking reaction under catalytic Pt catalyst, can be used as liquid silicone rubber crosslinking agent due to the molecule contains a certain number of relatively active Si-H bond. In metal salts, catalytic role, i.e., at a lower temperature to form a hydrophobic film on the surface of various substances, Hydrogen silicone have methyl silicone similar resistance to high temperature resistance, weather resistance, electrical insulation, physical inertia and other properties, and by adjust the hydrogen content, it can be obtained in different viscosity products.


    1. Ceramic pollution prevention, anti-oil, water treatment agent;

    2. The synthesis of various modified silicone oil, an important intermediate for silicone rubber

    3. Natural and synthetic fabrics, silk, leather waterproofing agent and softener

    4. Paper waterproof, release agent

    5. The glass fibers waterproof softener;

    6. Cosmetic oily foundation hydrophobic agent, lubricant agent and anti-corrosion agent.

    Technical Specifications:

    1. Viscosity (25 , mm2 / s) can be customized for the customer;

    2. hydrogen content (w%)as customers requirement

    Packaging and Transportation:

    1. The polyethylene plastic drums, 5Kg / cans, 50Kg / barrel, 200Kg / barrel;

    2. Non-dangerous goods storage and transportation.

    Storage conditions:

    Methyl vinyl MQ silicone resin should be stored airtight at room temperature in a dry and ventilated cool place, not near the fire source, avoid sun exposure, to avoid the mixing of impurities (especially catalysts, acid substances).

    Shelf life: 24 months.


    1. This product is a chemically inert material, and shall not be mixed in the storage and transportation process impurities (in particular catalyst), in use or compatibility, should pay attention to other materials could lead to the chemical reaction, prevent degeneration.

    2. Product shall be ventilated conditions, wear the necessary safety protection, to avoid the construction process large number of human inhalation, prohibit the consumption;

    3. Be careful using this product, please note items before use and when to use. Furthermore, it should follow the safety regulations of the State or local government regulations.

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