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  • Silicone products multi holes cake mold IOTA 41007

    Silicone products multi holes cake mold IOTA 41007

    Product description:

    Unique inner wall mirror polishing process, perfect cake molding, easy mold release, no adhesion, thin design, baking to achieve rapid and uniform heating. 12 holes in one (a dozen cakes) and easy to produce, food grade silica gel, safe and reliable, non-toxic, high temperature resistant, not mildew, easy to clean, corrosion resistance, long service life.

    Super antibacterial, not channeling taste, not adsorb the color and smell of food.

    Product specifications:

    Size: 340mmX235mmX45mm (length X width X high)

    Holes number: 12

    Weight: 195g

    Material: silicone

    Temperature resistance: -40℃~250℃

    Colors: blue, orange, green, yellow, red

    Certification: FDA/LFGB

    Product features:

    Multi-functional design and can make cakes, bread, pie, ice cream. High temperature resistant, easy to clean, easy mold release, quality silicone, safe and non-toxic, can be re-used, long service life and environmental protection.

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