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  • Silicone wax

    IOTA-2801 Silicone WaxCosmetic industry) and Silicone wax IOTA 206 Thread oil
    IOTA-2801 Silicone Wax
    Cosmetic industry


    IOTA-2801 Silicone Wax is a grafted siloxane wax.


    Appearance: White wax

    Specific Gravity (25℃): 0.85±0.02

    Melting Point (℃): 58~63


    IOTA-2801 Silicone Wax can be used in applications including:

    1. Automotive and furniture care, providing shine and durability to autos, metal parts, leather, wooden and metal furniture.

    2. Can be used as modifier in a wide range of cosmetic products such as lipsticks and color cosmetics.

    3. Skincare products, imparting soft, smooth and slick, comfortable feel, and ease of use.

    4. Other potential applications.


    For use as water repellent in leathers, solute the wax in 150# solvent oil or xylene. The advisable dilution ratio is 20~30 times of original material.

    Other use may take reference of above use level.


    The hardness of IOTA206 Silicone Wax is quite different in winter and summer.


    Store the product at normal temperature in original, unopened containers. Avoid direct sunlight and rain.


    IOTA2801 Silicone Wax is available in 50 kg drum.



    Silicone wax IOTA 206 Thread oil

    Product Description:

    Silicone wax is the developed synthetic additive for sewing thread and embroidery thread, with better heat-resistant than common dimethyl silicone oil, has low breaking rate, low fuzz, good anti-static properties. The dosage of silicone was is 1/3 to dimethyl silicone oil, it can highly improve the smoothness and softness of thread, increasing thread gloss, has great antistatic properties.


    Anti-static, Increase the thread surface gloss


    Sewing thread, embroidery thread, high-strength thread

    Physical and chemical indicators:

    Appearance: milky white liquid

    Viscosity mm² / s: 300 – 1000cst

    Flash point, ℃: ≧ 140

    Specific Gravity (25 ° C), g/m3: 0.96 - 0.98

    Silicon content (%): 70 - 90%

    PH value: 6 - 8


    1. Silicone wax has excellent lubricity, the treated sewing thread will generate weak peak tension when through the thread guide and tensioner, the yarn surface will be smooth and soft, not easy to breakage in high-speed processing, with good sewing, abrasion resistance, less color change, no pilling properties.

    2. Silicone wax has good thermal stability, will form heat-resistant protection for the yarn.

    3. with excellent thermal protection and anti-static.

    4. Has less abrasion effect to the needle and tension device on sewing machine.

    5. No oil leakage.

    Silicone wax makes yarn smoothness, clustering, antistatic, to reduce hairs and decapitation, so it has been widely recognized by users. It will ensure accurate yarn oil, product stability and ease using.

    Package and Transportation:

    Packed with 50kg plastic drum and 200kg iron drum, transported as non-toxic and non-dangerous goods.

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