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  • Vinyltriethoxvsilane IOTA 151
    Vinyltriethoxysilane IOTA 151 (VTES)

    Chemical name: Vinyltriethoxysilane

    CAS NO: 78-08-0

    Structural formula: CH2=CHSi(OC2H5)3

    Molecular formula: C8H18O3Si

    Physicochemical properties:

    Solid content: ≥98% 

    Molecular weight: 190.31

    Boiling point of 161

    Density: ρ20g/cm³d2525):0.90-0.92

    Refractive indexn25D:1.3950-1.3980

    Features and applications

    This product is colorless and transparent liquid, soluble in a variety of organic solvents, soluble in PH=3.0-3.5 water.

    1. This product is suitable for all kinds of complex shapes and all the density of polyethylene and copolymer, suitable for large processing technology tolerance, filling composite materials, with a high temperature resistance, excellent resistance to stress cracking, high memorability, high wear resistance and impact resistance.

    2. Can be both coupling agent and crosslinking agent, and applicable type of polymer includes polyethylene, unsaturated polyester, etc., also can be used to improve the affinity between glass fiber, inorganic filler and resin in vinyl reaction. Commonly used in silane crosslinked polyethylene cables and pipes.

    3. Used for the preparation of electronic encapsulation materials sealant. In 1, 2 poly butadiene material, using this product to process quartz powder filler, in order to improve the three phrase combine reaction between surface of quartz powder and poly butadiene, enhance the compactness of plastic, so as to improve the humidity-resistant ability of plastic packaging material.

    4. Used for electronic components surface moisture-proof processing, Be used for moisture-proof processing on the surface of wafer type micro ceramic capacitor and high pressure composite dielectric capacitor, improve the moisture resistance and the surface brightness and cleanliness for the products, also improve the qualified rate of products.

    Packaging and storage:

    1. Plastic bucket packaging, net weight 5 kg, 200 kg, 25 kg each package, Reservation is needed if any special requirements.

    2. This product should be sealed in a cool, dry, ventilated place.

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