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  • High temperature mold release agent

    Product article: IOTA-257

    Product Name: high temperature resistant silicone oil (long chain alkyl, aralkyl modified polysiloxane)

    Product alias:

    High temperature resistant silicone oil

    High temperature heat conduction oil

    High temperature lubricating oil

    High temperature mold release agent

    Structure or component: long chain alkyl, aralkyl modified polysiloxane

    Performance characteristics:

    This product is high temperature resistant, excellent lubrication performance.

    This product release of high efficiency, less dosage, then these can paint and gilt;

    The oil phase can withstand mold temperature  more than 300℃(smokeless, components are not destroyed, not to be carbonized in the mold, no residue).

    Physical and chemical index:

    Appearance: light yellow to colorless transparent liquid

    Effective composition (%): 99.9

    Viscosity: 1000 ~ 1500 c.s.t

    Temperature resistance: more than 300℃


    As a release agent used aluminum die-casting, may be used after emulsification, the test about 15% of the emulsion may be diluted to 100 to 150 times;

    Manufacture of plastic products: polyurethane, epoxy resin, PVC products release;

    Manufacture of rubber products, including rubber mats and blankets and a scapegoat used packaging materials mandrel;

    Other applications: high-temperature lubrication tire molding release agents, mold release agents and other engineering plastics molding.

    The package:

    50Kg plastic barrel or customized according to user requirements

    Storage and transport:

    0 ~ 40℃ sealed storage,  high temperature and freezing should be avoid

    Shelf life: 12 months.


    High temperature resistant silicone oil is a non-dangerous goods.

    Use alkane solvent to dilute the release agent for plastic products , such as 120 # solvent gasoline, chloroform and toluene.

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