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  • N (2-aminoethyl)-3-aminopropyltrimethoxy-silane IOTA-792

    N (2-aminoethyl)-3-aminopropyltrimethoxy-silane IOTA-792

    Chemical Name : N (2-aminoethyl)-3-aminopropyltrimethoxy-silane

    Molecular Formula: NH2(CH2)2 NH(CH2)3Si(OCH3)3

    Molecular structure:

    CAS NO. : 1760-24-3


    Silane IOTA-792 finds use as an :

    l  Adhesion promoter in polysulfide, polyvinyl chloride plastisol, silicone tow-part urethanes and epoxy adhesives and sealants

    l  Additive in phenolic and epoxy molding compounds

    l  Additive to latex coatings, adhesives and sealants

    l  Adhesion promoter in one-part silylated urethane adhesives and sealants based on organofuntional silane SPURSM Technology.


    Features and Benefits:



    Polyamino functionality

    Provides reactive site for amino-reactive resins.

    Good wetting of substrates.

    Trifunctional silane

    Excellent adhesion to inorganic substrates such as metal, glass, etc.

    Superior adhesion to plastics when employed in SPUR Technology-based adhesives or  sealants.

    Typical Physical Propertie:

    Physical Form

    Light yellow to Clear liquid

    Color, Pt-Co

    max 20

    Specific Gravity at 20oC, g/cm3

    1.010 – 1.030

    Refractive Index at 25oC

    1.439 – 1.447

    Purity, %

    97.0 % min



    Silane IOTA-792 may be used as an additive, eliminating the need for special primers in numerous bonding applications. Specific systems that demonstrate improved adhesion when silane IOTA-792 is used are:

    RTV Silicones and Hybrid Silane-Crosslinked Sealants

    Silane IOTA-792 addition to one- and two-part silicone-crosslinked sealants improves adhesion to a variety of substrates, including glass, steel, aluminum and concrete. This silane can dramatically enhance adhesion to a wide array of plastics when used in combination with SPURSM Technology for silylating urethane polymers. (For formulation and silylated prepolymer preparation information, please refer to Literature bulletin #112-026-30, “Silquest Organofunctional Silanes – Crosslinkers and Adhesion promoters for Urethane Adhesives and Sealants.”

    Polysufide Sealants

    When added to one- and two-part polysulfide sealants, Silane IOTA-792 provides better adhesion to a variety of substrates, including glass, aluminum and steel. Silane IOTA-792 is typically used at a loading of 0.5 to 1.0 percent by weight to the sealant. It disperses well and produces cohesive failure in the sealant rather than adhesive failure of the bond between the sealant and the substrate.

    Furthermore, the use of silane IOTA-792 can eliminate the need for primers normally required to achieve adhesion to surfaces.

    Plastisol Sealants

    Adding Silane IOTA-792(0.5 to 1.5 weight percent) as a replacement for

    polyaminoamide adhesion promoters in plastisol sealants improves bonding to metal substrates.

    In addition to increased strength, the silane-modified plastisol sealant has better overall appearance than a system that uses polyaminoamide adhesion promoters. Silane IOTA-792-modified plastisol systems have a very light color, and the cured compound is bubble-free.

    Additive in Phenolic and Epoxy Molding Compounds

    Silane IOTA-792, as an additive in phenolic and epoxy molding compounds, reduces the water absorption of molded composites. This, in turn, leads to improved wet electrical properties, particularly at low frequencies. High-temperature strength properties are also improved.

    Validity period and storage:

    Stored in cool and dry place, avoiding water, tinder, heat source and light, the validity period will be 6 months on such condition.


    1. 25KGS/Plastic Drum

    2. 200 KGS/Steel Drum

    3. 1000KGS/IBC


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