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  • water soluble silicone oil IOTA-1291

    Product article: IOTA-1291

    Product Name: water soluble silicone oil

    Structure or component: polyether modified polymethylsiloxane, it is hydrophilic organic and highly hydrophobic polysiloxane polymers

    Performance characteristics:

    IOTA-1291 is a kind of special polyether modified silicone surfactant.

    This product has low surface tension, good hydrophilicity, antistatic soft smooth and permeability. Soluble in ethanol, acetone, with water in any ratio miscible.

    Physicochemica index:

    Appearance: colorless to light yellow transparent liquid

    Density( 25℃): 1.030g/cm3

    Viscosity 25 ℃ (C.S.T): 500~1500

    Refractive index ( 25℃): 1.448-1.458

    Cloud point (1%  solution): 42 ℃

    Water solubility: completely miscible with water

    The surface tension of 25 ℃ (mN/m): 23

    Effective composition (%): 99.9


    1. Water soluble silicone oil IOTA-1291 can be used as fabric finishing agent, the treated fabric has the characteristic of soft, smooth, comfortable feel, texture crisp, good dimensional stability and so.

    2.Water soluble silicone oil IOTA-1291 has good water solubility and excellent surface activity, it can form a protective film on the skin

    3. Surface uniformly breathable, used in cosmetics can make skin soft and smooth, dry and wet comb achieve good.

    4. Water soluble silicone oil IOTA-1291 is the main group in leather industry senior leather slip agent and finishing agent, endowed with various kinds of leather surface smooth and bright soft and comfortable feel.

    5. Water soluble silicone oil IOTA-1291 for waterborne coatings, acrylic adhesive, ink can improve the liquidity improvement system, to make the product surface spreading light.

    How to use:

    It can replace the use of. Water system was added to 0.5%-1.0%. To add a 2-4% characteristic request special products anti sticking mask table at.


    25 kg, 50 kg plastic drum or 200 kg drum packaging.

    Storage and transport:

    1. Water soluble silicone oil can store and transport as non-dangerous goods.

    2. Water soluble silicone oil can store in a closed and room temperature conditions for a period of two years.


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