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  • Sealed silicone grease IOTA 2014

    Sealed silicone grease IOTA 2014


    Seal silicone grease is made of high purity additives and high performance poly dimethyl siloxane, added with anti-water, anti-oxidation, solid lubricants and other additives refined synthetic grease. It have excellent high and low temperature, Good mechanical stability, oxidation stability, lubricity, sealing, colloid stability and water resistance, non-metallic materials without corrosion or damage to metal and environmentally friendly grease.

    Performance characteristics:

    1. Excellent high and low temperature performance, good pressure resistance, non-curing, insoluble, non-dispersed

    2 excellent sealing, adhesion and lubrication, low volatility loss

    3. Excellent water resistance, electrical insulation and chemical stability, non-toxic, tasteless, ozone-resistant, weather-resistant aging

    4 material adaptability, the use of a wide temperature range, for the temperature range: -40 ℃~ +200 ℃


    1. A variety of faucets, water meters, valves (ceramic valves and plug valves), sanitary equipment and diving supplies lubrication and sealing

    2. Suitable for toys, electrical appliances and other plastic and rubber parts, "O" -ring, etc., can play a lasting and stable lubrication, waterproof sealing function

    3. Applicable to the electrical and electronic insulation, semiconductor sealing, electrical insulator waterproof, anti-conductive, anti-flashing, to prevent the entry of high-voltage electrical connection system and electrical equipment to prevent corona discharge and eliminate arc, but also for off Membrane, waterproof, damping, shock, oxidation and so on.

    4. Suitable for plastic and metal, metal and metal sealing and lubrication

    Packaging and Transporation:

    Packed in 20kg plastic drum or 50kg plastic drum

    Non-dangerous goods

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