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  • Heat Curable Coating Resin IOTA-OPSZ-1800

    IOTA OPSZ 1800 Heat Curable Coating Resin
    Chemical Name: 
    Organopolysilazanes (OPSZ)


    1.      Enables the heat-curable coatings capable of withstanding operating temperatures of 1000 °C or above.

    2.      Supplied as a 100% "solids" liquid of low viscosity which rapidly solidifies upon heating to 200°C.

    3.      Solidification can be achieved at lower temperatures with the addition of a free radical initiator such as dicumyl peroxide.

    4.      With the free radical initiator employed, cure from liquid to solid can be accomplished in times ranging from 1 to 90 minutes over a temperature range of 100°C to 180°C.

    5.      The peroxides are typically dissolved in solvent free polymer at the 0.5 to 1.0wt% level based on the weight of polymer employed.

    6.      Cure without the use of a peroxide can be effected by heating to 200 – 250°C.

    7.      For ultra-high temperature formulations, the coated part is then heated to at least 425°C to promote conversion of the polymer to ceramic.

    8.      Depending on the exact formulation, the resulting coatings are then durable at peak use up to temperatures of 1800°C.


    Formulation and Application:

    Typically added at 10 – 60 wt. % and is compatible with a wide array of solvents including alkanes, aromatic hydrocarbons, ethers, ketones, esters, etc.

    Heating to temperatures above 700°C converts the resin to a ceramic.

    High Temperature Ceramic Coatings.

    Thermally Stable Anticorrosive Coatings.

    Non-stick Coatings.


    Typical Formulated Coating Properties:

    Color: Variable

    Finish: Matte to Satin

    Resin Solids: 10 – 60%

    Film Thickness: 10 – 300 μm

    VOC: Depends on formulation

    Pencil Hardness: > 9H

    Hot Adhesion: 100 %

    Chemical Resistance: Good

    Thermal Resistance: Up to 1800°C

    Thermal Shock: Fair

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